Design is everywhere: signs, the interwebs, your mom’s scrapbook.
LeftRight doesn't specialize. Except for dancing. We’re good dancers.


Whether it's a popular magazine, a coffee table book, or an annual report, there's an inherent pleasure that comes from holding a beautifully designed, strategically organized page. We strive for strong visual and thematic layouts that can only be established with a synergy between the design team and the printshop. From screen to specific medium, print is real-time dimensional proof that printing is a creative and consistent process that dates back to the first bible. Hallelujah.


An eye-catching logo is key, but only if it’s within the context of a brand identity – a tangible idea your customers can connect with. We collaborate with you to design a long-lasting brand that fits into a comprehensive style guide. Once a clear understanding of your brand is created, we're then able to position your business in a way that distinguishes it from the rest.


We’ll get you clicks. Creating eye-catching websites involves placing elements in the places your customers expect them. Simplicity and content always come first, but once those are nailed down, we consider the possibilities of a deeper and more memorable connection. An ease in flow and intelligent layout contribute to a seamless, unobtrusive online experience.

Software Design & Development

Software design is the process of converting your business ideas into computer software to help make your business easier and more efficient. Red Team Go! uses a wide assortment of software development tools customized to each of our clients’ needs. Some businesses have procedures that can take hours of manual labor. Our goal is to have a program that you can use at your fingertips with a simple click of a mouse button or a key press. iPhone and Mobile you say? Sure, we do that too.

Marketing & Advertising

At a certain level, graphic design is advertising. We take that to the next level. Advertising isn't just an ad in your local indie newspaper, an ongoing campaign in a magazine, a banner on a couple of websites, or even a sleek flyer in record shops—it's a combination of emotion based, inspirational pieces in a number of different places that establishes a repertoire with your audience. It’s creating a system of marketing that illuminates your brand, while leaving other brands dull and boring. We think of not only where you should be, but also where your competitors are. We anticipate consumer behavior, staying one step ahead at all times.

Planning & Execution

If you are in need of a business, marketing, technology or just a general life plan, LeftRight Creative Group is ready to help you develop it. A plan is a necessary part of a successful business. And we are here to provide you with that plan. Successfully.

"Kicking Ass"

Figuratively. What good would our services be if we weren't good at them? Not only are we serious and passionate about what we do, our number one goal is to kick ass, help you kick ass, and have fun.

Stuff we do