Left, right? We don't know either.
This is who we are and how we work.

Our primary service to our clients? Getting it right. You need a firm that asks difficult questions, envisions both pitfalls and opportunities, offers fresh perspectives, and helps you plan for the future. A smarter future. Our fingerprints are on everything produced by the studio, including the cookies in the cookie jar.

As a partner-led design practice, we represent the convergence of unique interests and experiences — a creative firm grounded in real-world business knowledge with a deep respect for research and empirical analysis. We are a company of independent thinkers working collaboratively. LeftRight is many voices, viewpoints, and ideas all driving towards the same goal - delivering sustained results for our clients.

LeftRight is organized and run so that we designers may achieve our best - because design at its best satisfies clients, pleases users and gratifies the designer.

V.I.P. treatment. Small-firm love. That's who we are and how we work.

Our clients